All commissions require a good quality, clear photograph of your pet. The more images the artist has to work from, the better.

Once your pet photo is approved your order will be discussed with the artist and a size and style (INK, PASTEL or PAINT) can be decided. The commission is then secured with a deposit, a deadline is agreed and the process begins.

A photo shoot package is also available from pet PAWtraits which a commission can then be produced from your choice of the final images. This is a good way to get a commission of a specific idea that you may have in mind but do not have photographs of.

See SERVICES and below for full photo shoot package details.



The bigger, the better - if you would like your final piece to have a lot of detail it is important to have a clear image that sustains its clarity when printed at a minimum size of 5 x 7.

When -  The best images are of calm pets, although its easier said than done. To help with focus you can use a treat or a favourite toy to aid in the pose of your pet.

Where - Outdoor light is great for taking clear photographs, or close to a large window if indoors. Try not to use a flash as this can cast unflattering light in your pets eyes.

How - Being on the same level as your pet makes for a good composition, as opposed to the shots from above that make their heads appear bigger and body smaller. Natural poses work the best and make the most successful final commissions, keep in mind that your pet doesn't have to be looking directly into the lens.

See "good" and "bad" examples to the right.

 Good Photo: Clear,sharp,natural pose on level&no flash in eyes

Bad Photo: Blurred, un natural pose,taken above &  flash in eyes 


Duration: 2 hours (Includes 1/2 hr photo review)

Location: Indoor or Outdoor

A meeting is set for the artist to meet with you and your pet. This is a great opportunity for the artist to see their personality first hand and capture it in a variety of high quality images using good lighting and creative composition techniques. The images are reviewed together and 10 are chosen to be edited. Within 2 weeks of the shoot date you will receive a CD of the final edited images which is yours to keep and use to print as many of the images, at any size, at any time you wish.

For full package options and prices see SERVICES & PRICES.

This package is absolutely no obligation, however, now that you have these professional edited photos you may then choose your favourite to be commissioned into a unique one of a kind work of art.



 Copyright of all artwork resides with the artist Sally vanin. Artwork must not be reproduced in any form without the artists written consent.

The artist reserves the right to use the images for promotional purposes/ written/ web based or printed. COPYRIGHT 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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